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Not so random question

I wonder if Obama will pardon Mumia.

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  1. Gerard Says:

    Mumia Isn’t On The Change Train

  2. Alceste Says:

    I am pretty sure the president cannot pardon state crimes.

  3. dawn summers Says:

    Yeah, that’s right, he’s in state prison. I remember thinking of the mumia thing long time ago, but not writing about it because of the jurisdiction thing…and then I forgot the jurisdiction thing, but remembered the mumia thing.

  4. Gerard Says:

    The funny thing is that MOVE is still around, even after the Philly PD cooked most of them David Koresh style. The mumia thing probably helps.

    BTW, he can pardon Leonard Peltier, as my favorite wacky ex-Dem. congresswoman from Ga. reminds us:

    McKinney Calls on Obama to Spare Leonard Peltier

  5. Gerard Says:

    John Africa’s website sucks, BTW.

    You go to MOVE’s “merch” section and the only thing you see is a “coming soon” notice, even though it’s probably been online for six or seven years, at least.

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