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Song of the week

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  1. Steff Says:

    That song always cheers me up! 😀

  2. Gerard Says:

    I like Morrissey, but the problem is that whenever I listen to him I want to open a vein within 30 seconds of the song’s beginning.

    This video is a keeper though.


  3. Peter Says:

    A lot of Smiths songs are much funnier, and not as depressing, than their reputation would lead people to believe.

    But still, the Smiths on Clareified? How did this happen? Did Clay Aiken cover them?

  4. Mary Says:

    I would loan you my Hatful of Hollow cd so you could get this song free for your ipod but unfortunately I loaned it out to someone who never returned it. I do, however, have tons of other Smith (and Morrissey) cds that you can borrow*.

    *obviously I haven’t learned my previous cd-loaning mistake.

  5. Mary Says:

    hahaha – just saw this event listed on Gothamist:

    You can pass up your Scrabble meet tonight and head out for some Smiths’ related speed dating fun,appropriately titled too!

  6. Gerard Says:

    Don’t loan anything to anyone, unless you don’t expect (want?) it to be returned.

    I “loaned” a copy of Slouching to Gomorrah to a lib member of my H.S. debate team, which he never returned after being accepted at Harvard.

    I let my older brother “borrow” my copy of Claudius the God, which he gave to his current roommate.

    I gave him a copy of one of the LOTR books, which I only remembered after I saw it in his book case a year or so later. Not that it matters, I’ve never read anything by Tolkien, but it still chafed that he couldn’t just say “I want your book, could you please give it to me?”

    The only thing he’s ever returned, in fact, was my Dead Kennedys CD, which was unplayable by the time it was returned to me.

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