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Dude, it’s not that hard

My name is Dawn. I have two friends whose names are also Dawn. Except that spell it funny, like Dawni. Weird.
The two Dawnis have back to back birthdays. So I’m all buying their presents today and have this hilarious conversation with the lovely sales representative on the phone:

SR: I need a name for the card.
Me: Dawn
SR: Not the recipient, the sender.
Me: Yeah, I know. Dawn. D-a-w-n.
SR: Do you mean D-a-w-n-i?
Me: Nope.
SR: Should I also change the recipient name to D-a-w-n?
Me: Nope.
SR: Okay, anything else?
Me: Yes, I would also like to send one to be delivered on Sunday to Dawn.
SR: Instead of Saturday?
Me: No. This is a different one.
SR: To Dawn also?
Me: Well, yes, but she has a different last name and lives in Arizona.
SR: And who’s it from?
Me: Dawn. No i.
SR: You?
Me: Yes.

I blog this now because I know she’s going to screw this up and I want it known that it isn’t my fault if one Dawn gets two presents. Or they both get presents on Saturday. Or Sunday. Or frankly Friday. Or if their names are spelled wrong.

Not. My. Fault.

9 Responses to “Dude, it’s not that hard”

  1. Pearatty Says:

    Oooh, ooh, I want to be the one who gets two prezzies!

  2. Dawn Summers Says:

    Greedy! hahahahahahaha

  3. Gerard Says:

    My brother has a friend called Larry, and one called Erin. Only they spell their names Eronne and Lawrie.

  4. Ugarles Says:

    Don’t you mean Dawin?

  5. DRobbSki Says:

    Why not mix everything up and go with Dwain?

  6. Dawn 2 Says:

    I got a Special Delivery today from one Dawn-sans-i – Thanks for the happy birthday sweetness and festive trimmings! (Didn’t want to give too much detail, in order to leave AZ Dawn in suspense …)

  7. Dawn 2 Says:

    PS – Happy early birthday, AZ Dawn!

  8. Dawn Summers Says:

    Evidently, they wanted to wish you a happy early birthday too!

  9. Pearatty Says:

    Happy birthday to you, too, NJ Dawn!!

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