Where does the good go

What now?

This is my first Football Thanksgiving…what are we supposed to do between when the first game ends and the second game begins, but dinner’s not ready yet?

And how sorry does everyone feel for the Lions? Poor, poor Daunte. Confucius say 0-11 team should not face 10-1 team on national holiday.

Let’s go seattle!

4 Responses to “What now?”

  1. Gerard Says:

    I’m pretty sure the three games overlap, but if they don’t you can probably just watch the pre-game shows. I’m listening to this on the radio so I have no clue how Fox and CBS are covering these games.

    People must feel sorry for The Lions, because even the play-by-play guy on Westwood One was suggesting that Kerry Collins take a knee on The Titan’s last offensive possession. I think there were still three minutes left in the game at that point.


  2. Karol Says:

    Hey, remember when Daunte was your Brady?

  3. Gerard Says:

    For Culpepper to be Tom Brady we’d have to live in a parallel universe where the XFL still exists.

    How do you punt the ball less than fifteen yards? At this point, The Lions are just better off having him chuck interceptions to the opposing team’s secondary.

  4. Eric Says:

    I think during downtime you’re supposed to say things like “Hey, did you see that pass?”.

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