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Palin Comparison

Actually, I think Sarah Palin was a masterful move by McCain -but the pun was just too good not to use. Months ago, when it was clear who our presumptive nominees would be, Karol and I agreed that Obama needed to pick an old white guy and McCain needed to pick someone young. After all the carping about why Obama didn’t put Hillary on the ticket, I began to suspect that McCain planned to pick a chick. I thought it’d be Hutch…buy hey, Sarah me up. Now, first and foremost I would like to welcome Alaska and Hawaii to presidential politics. Who’s my little non contiguous states? You are, yes you are noncontiguous…but here you are represented on each of the big boy tickets. Good for you guys. Now, as for Palin, she’s definitely an unknown entity. The more I hear about her (never been on Meet the Press, scandals about firing her ex bro in law, didn’t know what a Veep even did a few months ago) the more I think this is good for Obamiden. Of course, she might take to the national spotlight like fish to a fishbowl and then all that won’t matter. Of course, I hope she chokes, but in terms of the bigger picture: hope and change in America, I am super psyched about this Presidential election. Right now, I think the Dems have the best of it, but now, whoever wins, changes the face of American politics forever. USA USA USA…seriously, I have got to stop that.

4 Responses to “Palin Comparison”

  1. Jake Says:

    You should love Palin.

    You wait for accidents to kill animals.

    Palin actually hunts them down and kills them with a gun.

    She will not choke. She is ten times better than Obama in speaking extraneously. She ran against a long time Democrat Governor in Alaska and ripped him to shreds in the debates.

    Be mighty afraid Dawn. Obama has peaked. Besides it is time we put a Eskimo in the White House.

  2. Dawn Summers Says:

    Hahahha, yes I do like the animal killing and consuming….except Obama won’t be running against Sarah, he’s running against McCain and he’s way faster

  3. Charles Says:

    If her best skill is speaking extraneously we’ve got this one in the bag. Obama doesn’t speak extraneously; the man is always on point.

    She didn’t run against a sitting Democratic gov – she beat the sitting Republican gov in the primary then beat his predecessor in the general. That’s how small a state Alaska is: you can lose the governorship and there is still nobody else in your party who can run.

  4. Casca Says:

    Eh, that whole MLK content of their character thing is so over rated with you isn’t it. It’s all gonads and pigmentation.

    I’m not thrilled by the choice. Strategically, I think it’s a bad one, but tactically it’s brilliant. Biden will do the condescending dirty old man thing, and she’ll stuff it up his ass in public. Who can’t see THAT train wreck coming? And when they deprecate her experience, they’ll just highlight the fact that the Obamassiah has less, a lot less.

    I wanted real change. I was pulling for Ken Blackwell, an erudite, attractive, conservative, former NFL lineman who has run repeatedly statewide in Ohio. Coincidentally, he is a black man. That would have been the maverick choice, and changed America forever. Sadly, Bob Taft destroyed the image of the Republican party in Ohio, and blocked him from the Governor’s seat last cycle.

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