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Are. You. Effing. Kidding. Me?

In an interview for broadcast tonight on Nightline, Edwards told ABC News correspondent Bob Woodruff he did have an affair with 44-year old Rielle Hunter, but said that he did not love her.

Edwards also denied he was the father of Hunter’s baby girl, Frances Quinn, although the one-time Democratic Presidential candidate said he has not taken a paternity test.

Yah. Of course the kid’s not his. He just goes to visit all the babies of his mistress’ in the middle of the night. What?

My favorite part:

Edwards made a point of telling Woodruff that his wife’s cancer was in remission when he began the affair with Hunter. Elizabeth Edwards has since been diagnosed with an incurable form of the disease.

I mean, cause he’s a lying cheating scumbag, not a douchebag.

I so hope Elizabeth divorces his ass, takes his kids and sics his dead son’s ghost on him.

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  4. Jake Says:

    What made Edwards a lying cheating scumbag? Was it because he was a Democrat politician? Or was it because he was a lawyer?

  5. Casca Says:

    I’d have to say all of the above. Now as for the “cheating” on his dying pig of a wife, good gawd, she’s been unfuckable for ages. A man has needs. If you want to go after him for his dalliance, how about the fact that she looks like Skeletor? I think nechrophilia is still against the law everywhere.

  6. Ari Says:

    There are no leaders (or pure wannabes) that have an ounce of morality or dignity. I fully expect to one day learn that Gandhi murdered three women and Abraham Lincoln kicked dogs and babies for sport. I’m all for agreeinng with a politican’s stance but to admire one is to beg for disappointment.

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