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Definitions by Dawn Summers

Des-parê (n)
Waking up in the middle of the night, blogging, watching the end of a Conan talk show on your roommate’s TV without sound (why do you not have your own TV? Well, when you were finally checked in on Tuesday, they told your mother you’d be having surgery that day and released on Wednesday. Oh. Well, why did you not get TV once it was very clear on Wednesday that none of that was going to happen? Well, I’ll use the classy language of Tom Dwan and explain that my mother’s reasoning there was “tricky.” Or for those of you who have always wondered…this is where I get my utter lack of an ability to alter course despite new information or changed circumstance and why Ron Lad will ever be circa 8/9 years old, so back off you crazy lady pedophiles.) Oh right I was setting a scene here…so anyway, you finally drift off to sleep after watching a few episodes of season four of the simpsons and when you wake up, the nbc news clock on your roomie’s TV says something absurd like 7:57 AM and you’re like what the focker? NO WAY is it 7:57 still…so you scoot up in bed, lean toward the TV and see that…why no, actually, it’s 7:07…eh, no…7:08. And so you lean back and wait for death. Thus endeth today’s definition lesson.

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  1. Karol Says:

    Who is after my little brother???

  2. Casca Says:

    Hahahahaaha, about time you stirred at a decent hour!

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