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News by Karol

Hi Clareified readers. Dawn was admitted to the emergency room last night. She’ll be in the hospital for at least a week. She should be fine, as apparently removing organs are just simply all the rage these days. She is already cracking wise from her hospital bed, so hopefully that means her recovery has already begun. Leave her lots of comments, both here and on Facebook, and buy her lots of presents. If there’s someone’s love that is always purchasable, especially in times such as these, it’s hers. Also pray for her speedy recovery, if that’s what you’re into.

Conversation in Dawn’s hospital room:

“You’ve been here since last night, right?”- Dawn’s hospital roommate to Dawn’s mom

“Yes, I was going to leave but then the doctor said they were going to operate today”-Dawn’s mom

“You remind me of me and my daughter. No matter how old they get they’re still our little babies.”-Roommate

“Some more than others”- Me

A morphined up Dawn gives me the middle finger.

And it was the second middle finger of the visit from our patient.

UPDATE: Dawn’s surgery went well and there is a possibility she will be out of the hospital tomorrow. And then watch out world because she’s looking to steal a gall bladder.

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  1. News by Karol Says:

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  2. Pokerwolf Says:

    Holy shit.

    Glad to hear that she’s yelling at the hospital staff and other normal behavior.

    Get better soon, Dawn!

  3. RD Says:

    How will I survive without my daily dose of sarcasm and wit? Oh wait, this isn’t about me?
    Alright then, hold on to the organs you’ve got and get better. The internets needs you. We do, yes yes we do.

  4. Casca Says:

    I’m sorry, but I’ll need more information before I can become concerned. Are they going to chop that gangrenous foot off? I know where I can get a deal on a hardwood pegleg.

  5. Ken Says:

    See, this is Jesus’ way of getting her back for
    a) playing poker
    b) playing with guns
    c) whoring out her blog for $100 in groceries.

    Her mom warned her.


  6. Ugarles Says:

    This is a hell of a thing to do just to get out of working in Queens. I hope that she is at least at a Manhattan hospital.

    Get well soon, Dawn.

  7. F-Train Says:

    So she’s going to be laying in bed all week?

    Yup, that sounds like the lazy Dawn I know.

    Which organ did they remove? My first guess was ‘heart’ until I remembered that she already doesn’t have one.

  8. Yaron Says:

    Man, first Robert Novak, and now this… it’s a real double-whammy. I hope you (both) get better soon.

  9. Snoop Diggity-DANG-Dawg Says:

    “Also pray for her speedy recovery, if that’s what you’re into.”

    If that’s what you’re ‘into’? What’s that supposed to mean?

  10. Michael Bates Says:

    Get better soon, Dawn!

  11. Michael Bates Says:

    Now that Karol’s in control here, in Clareified HQ, will “Straight Talkey” replace “Dopey” “Hopey” as the official mascot?

  12. Gib Says:

    It’s shock from the John Edwards thing, isn’t it?

    Get better soon, Dawn.

  13. Michael Bates Says:

    “Dopey” was supposed to have a line through it, but it didn’t work.

  14. Karol Says:

    If that’s what you’re ‘into’? What’s that supposed to mean?

    I was thinking about Flight of the Conchords ( when I wrote it. But I just meant that if you pray, pray for her. Not everyone prays, apparently.

  15. BWoP Says:

    Who needs organs?

    But if you’re going to be dumping organs, I guess I could use a new retina. Then I could see poker through Dawn’s eyes.

    And then I would take some knitting needles to my head and get rid of those scary visions.

  16. Mary Says:

    You know you don’t have to go to these extremes to protest Scrabulous being removed from Facebook. Live play is more fun anyway!

    Recover quickly!

    Let me know if you want company or need any books to read.

  17. Jordan Says:

    Hey Dawn. I wish you a speedy recovery. Good luck.

  18. bub Says:

    Aw heck, I’m into that sort of thing, so I’ll toss a couple of prayers Dawn’s way. Get better soon, Dawn. Your blog is one of my favorite parts of the day.

  19. Petitedov Says:

    Feel better soon and enjoy the effect of morphine while you can.

  20. Dawn2 Says:

    Feel better!!!!!! (This isn’t all a ploy to lose weight by removing body parts and having nothing to eat but hospital food, is it?)

  21. sean Says:

    I’m sorry everyone. I was just gooling the phrase:

    “love that is always purchasable”

    when I stumbled here on the only “hit”. hee hee

    Get well soon, Dawn.

    I look forward to sitting opposite you again on the green felt.

  22. Gerard Says:

    Everyone prays, even athiests. Try getting them to admit it though…


    Good luck, Dawn. If I had known that quip about “stones” was literal I would have suppressed the urge to chuckle.

    -good times, G.

  23. Jamie Says:

    This is a lot to go through just to get presents. I admire your fortitude.

  24. April Says:

    Probably was one of those lame useless organs, huh?

    Here’s to a speedy recovery!

  25. Binda Says:

    Get well soon!

  26. tae Says:

    You just wanted more comments!

    I’m glad to hear you’re repairable. Wishing you a speedy recovery. OK, I’ll even pray for it.

  27. Helen Says:

    I got to admit, I haven’t been following youe vlof lately. The first big news was you are getting good at the shooting range, the next news is that you are in the hospital. Then looking at your amazon wish list, a series of James bond movies…I am worried…really worried :).

    Get well soon!!!

  28. Ken Says:

    You know what happens if you throw too many prayers Dawn’s way? She’s just going to take them to Atlantic City and lose them in poker.

  29. Von Bek Says:

    Get well soon Dawn and you’re in the prayers. This is a good time of the year to have people praying for you since we’re still a few weeks till the NFL begins and nobody is paying that much attention to baseball for another month so you got a good chance. In all seriousness, hope you’re feeling better.

  30. Casca Says:

    So, uh, we can expect less bile in the future eh?

  31. Casca Says:

    Jeez, just read the details of having one’s gall bladder removed. Uh, good luck with that. We’re talking major life change. Well, it’s not like you were all about food or anything. I wonder what a vegan Dawn will be like.

  32. Jamie Says:

    Love the tag line. Atlantic City.

    Casca, Dawn’s diet may not have to substantially change. The gall bladder doesn’t produce bile, it just stores it for injection into the intestinal system. Without the gall bladder, the liver will simply dump it’s bile directly into the intestines, producing more or less when needed.

    I had mine removed a few months ago and I’ve felt perfectly fine since without eating vegan (god forbid).

  33. Casca Says:

    Evidently, one’s mileage may very:

  34. pearatty Says:

    Leave it to Dawn to make me look like a wuss if I bitch about how miserable it was to take the bar exam for the last two days.

    Feel better!

  35. Rick Says:

    Dammit! Your gall bladder was my favorite part of you!

  36. Karol Says:

    FYI: She’s updating her own tagline from her hospital bed. Also approving friends on Facebook.

  37. Casca Says:

    Thanks for the warning.

  38. Casca Says:

    YO! WAKE UP!! I need you sentient, or at least as close to sentient as you get. Is this Karol on a bad hair day?

  39. Dawn Summers Says:

    I am only looking to steal Karol’s gallbladder. And so much as steal as be given it lovingly and generously…

  40. wza Says:

    my mom doesn’t have a gall bladder, or maybe it’s a pancreas. one of those gross things in your guts. anyway, organs are gross, so the fewer you have the better. my mom is fine, so you will be too. i wish you a fast and painless recovery!

  41. Dawn Summers Says:

    wait, but what if it’s her appendix she had out and really she needs the gall bladder desperately to live?

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