Where does the good go


I’ve been MIA from the Scrabble scene for a couple of months, but with Clyde’s death, I had to get in touch with them, although I confess part of me was hoping I had missed everything. I called Nancy today and she was very sweet and yelled at me for disappearing. I asked her about memorial plans and she said “oh, no it’s perfect that you called today, we’re having the service tomorrow. A bunch of us will be coming out.” I then had to tell myself over and over again not to ask if people will be playing, because I am starting to miss the game. So, she’s talking and giving me directions and I’m all “Do not ask about playing. Do Not ask about playing. Do not ask about playing.” And then Nancy goes: “oh, and we’ll be playing, so bring your set.”
HAHAHAHAHH I love those wacky crackheads.

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