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Audience Participation Weekend

I was watching this movie with a bunch of friends…I think it was called Cover –there is no need for anyone to see it, it’s a about black men on the DL and what happens to one wife who finds out that her husband’s boyfriend is HIV positive — anyway, at some where the wife is despondent and is cursing God, her pastor tells her this story:

There was a blind woman who hated her life because she was blind. She was unhappy all the time and hated herself. Her only source of joy was her relationship with her boyfriend who loved her very much. She would often tell him that if only she could see, the first thing she would do was marry him. One day a donor was found and the young woman received the eye transplant which restored her sight. Once she healed she opened both her eyes for the first time and saw all the glories of the world around her. But she was surprised to find out that the boyfriend she loved was blind. Disappointed, she told him she couldn’t marry him after all and left him. Distraught, the boyfriend killed himself, leaving behind a note that wished her well and asked her to take care of his eyes.

Now, all my friends immediately were like “what a bitch” “she’s so selfish”, so umm…I said the same thing cause I like to fit in. But in all honestly, I think the boyfriend was a complete dillhole. You don’t give gifts expecting to get something in return. There is a joy of giving that the giver gets entirely apart from any praise from the recipient. And he must have known this, that’s why he didn’t just simply say “honey, how about this. I will give you my eyes, and we will get married.” Instead, he gave a present and he has to be able to accept that she would take his present, thank him for it and then go live her life. She doesn’t owe him anything. I mean, sure, she now has to live with the fact that she’s dumping him for an ailment that he accepted in her, but that’s on her.
But a gift is a gift — it’s something given not something received, right? Though, there is something to be said about maybe really knowing someone before you give them a really nice gift, you know, like your eyes, because buyer’s remorse can suck.

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  1. Pokerwolf Says:

    You don’t give gifts expecting to get something in return.

    Very true.

    Instead, he gave a present and he has to be able to accept that she would take his present, thank him for it and then go live her life.

    Read the story again. She doesn’t thank him for anything. She just sees that he’s blind, gets “dissappointed”, and leaves.

    Both of the parties are in error in this situation, to be honest. The guy didn’t tell her they were his eyes so she didn’t know they were his in the first place. (How the hell they’re in a relationship and she knows he can see and she suddenly forgets that he should be able to see when she sees that he’s blind is beyond me, but I’m not the one who wrote the story.) You’re dead on that he should have said, “have my eyes, let’s get married”. That doesn’t mean that her reaction to her boyfriend being blind should be ignored, though.

    I can see how people have the knee-jerk reaction of “what a bitch” or whatever (hey, I did too!), but they’re missing the whole point by ignoring the mistakes of the boyfriend.

  2. Linda Says:

    Stupid b!tch! Once she realized he was blind she should have taken out a life insurance policy on him and capped his dumb ass. She just walked away from a whole pile of green.

  3. Dawn Summers Says:

    hahaha and then he can watch his death through his own eyes.

  4. Eric Says:

    Am I the only one who read that and thought he killed himself because she left him, not because he was despondent about the eyes?

  5. Dawn Summers Says:

    I doubt he would have killed himself if she left him before he gave her his eyes.

  6. fisch Says:

    His mistake was that he should have given her ONE eye!

  7. Ari Says:

    now there’s your talmudic response.

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