Where does the good go


Just had first unpleasant comic store experience. I was buying the April Buffy and pearatty said, with surprise, “oh, they have Angel comics!” and I said, yeah, but I think they’re like the old Buffy comics, not the ones Joss is writing now.
Suddenly, and I mean out of nowhere, this dude is all “Joss doesn’t write any of them.” In a tone that clearly suggested that the only reason he didn’t add the words “you stupid poseur idiot” was because I was too much of a stupid poseur idiot for him to waste any further breath on me.
I quietly stammer “oh…he…didn’t?”
And geek comic book guy loser goes “uh, all you have to do is read the cover,” he then stormed off, his employee badge flapping knowledgeably on his chest.
I cry. Or pout, get my Buffy, shake my fist and then leave. Of course, I’ve since found out that I was kinda right, or at the very least that dude was wrong! Joss did write some of them so there. Now I have to go back and somehow get him to overhear me saying that again.

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  1. Karol Says:


  2. Ken Says:

    Or you could have just taken your money to a business that doesn’t make its customers feel like an idiot.

  3. wza Says:

    forbidden planet?

  4. Dawn Summers Says:


  5. Casca Says:

    Just wait until they take you in the basement, and put the ball-gag in your mouth.

  6. wza Says:

    forbidden planet has a basement? awesome!

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