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Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2???

Seriously? I didn’t really leave the first one thinking I had any unanswered questions…except why the hell did they make that movie. I get Rory and that talks to God girl needing cash, but you’d think America Ferrera would have “say no” money from Ugly Betty.

7 Responses to “Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2???”

  1. BWoP Says:

    But did you see this?

  2. Ken Says:

    They were contractually obligated to do sequels when they signed up for the first one. C’mon… you’re a lawyer (and you read Entertainment Weekly), you should know this.

  3. Jordan Says:

    What Ken says. Some of the cast totally fought the sequel, but they had to give into the contractual demands. My guess is the unnamed cast was Ferrara. Ironically, when the first movie came out, the chicks from Gilmore Girls and Joan of Arcadia were the more famous of the group. Now its Ferrara and the other chick who is apparently on Gossip Girl or whatever.

    I know too much about this crap.

  4. Ugarles Says:

    Really good lineup there, BWoP, not just Kumail.

  5. BWoP Says:

    I would be there Ugarles, were it not for the fact that I am dragging 130 Pounds of Fury the whole way across the country so I can bury him in the desert.

  6. Casca Says:

    You know, if they made it the Sisterhood of the Traveling Underpants it would be a lot more interesting.

  7. F-Train Says:

    135 Pounds of Fury, dammit.

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