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Conversation of the Day

KJ: Are you closer to the G train or the F?
Mary: The F. That’s why F-train’s blog is called riding the F-train.
Me: I think there’s also some double entendre going on with the title…
Mary: Ha! So he really wouldn’t want to be the G train…everybody would definitely call it the Gay Train.

6 Responses to “Conversation of the Day”

  1. BWoP Says:

    Brilliant, Mary.


  2. Dawn Summers Says:

    Yah. I think I’m calling him the gay train from now on.

  3. Ugarles Says:

    You realize that it works with F, right?

  4. Mary Says:

    Well, he is as thin as a stick.

  5. Mary Says:

    or a cigarette for that matter.

  6. BWoP Says:

    And the hits just keep on coming from Mary.


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