Where does the good go


I am so tired of buying new earphones every three weeks. I’m contemplating a class action suit against earbud companies.

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  1. Jordan Says:

    Yo, I hear ya. Earbuds are so much preferable to headphones, but they always seem to get damaged very easily. Thank god you can find them for relatively cheap.

  2. tae Says:

    I got crazy tired of replacing mine. Now I have a pair of Shure’s. Expensive as Hell, but I’ve had them four years and no trouble. They are also fantastic because, for example, on NJ Transit last night on the way home, I couldn’t hear any of the drunken idiots who were coming from the Rangers game. I wouldn’t recommend them if you’re crossing streets, though.

  3. Dawn Summers Says:

    tae, are shure’s earbuds? anything is cheaper than $19 plus shipping every three weeks.

  4. tae Says:

    Indeed, although they really are crazy expensive. Really. And worth every penny. Although they’re earbuds, you still wear the wire over the ear without the big plastic appliance you see on some earbuds. It’s hard to explain. See pics on their website. I wear glasses and they’re still comfortable.

    You know that thing that happens after you have earbuds a while where you have to putz with the wire to make the sound come out stereo until you get so frustrated you just won’t listen until you get new ones? That used to happen to me every three or four months. I can’t believe it hasn’t happened with these.

    They come with a warranty, and Shure has an out-of-warranty service center as well.

    There’s lots of reviews you can find too, like

  5. tae Says:

    Oh, by the way. The review obviously isn’t the only model they have – conveniently they only list the most expensive. I think mine were $400 (they were a gift from my husband – I thought he was insane until I tried them). They have lots of others, but it is worth spending the money. I had a pair of $100 gaming ones that I wasn’t wild about. I don’t even see that model available anymore anyway. *shrug*

  6. Dawn Summers Says:

    Holy moley! that’s a week’s pay…maybe we’ll wait till we’re married and have Tom buy them for us.

  7. tae Says:

    I told you so…

  8. Karol Says:

    I bought mine at the Apple store for like 80 bucks (which, prior to reading Tae’s comment, I found completely outrageous) and they’re awesome and have lasted a real long time.

  9. Casca Says:

    I too use Shures. They’re great if you want to make the world go away.

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