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On second thought…I might be a little crazy

So, I’m sitting here prepping for a job interview; you know, the usual, running through various legal issues I’ve handled, my role on various cases, my hopes and dreams and why Whatever LLP would make all those dreams come true. I’m plugging away, when it suddenly dawns on me…I bought a lottery ticket yesterday! So, I stop everything, log-in to New York’s lottery site to see if I had won.
I did not.
Back to our previously scheduled ass kissing of Whatever LLP partners.

5 Responses to “On second thought…I might be a little crazy”

  1. Karol Says:

    Ya, a “little”.

  2. Dawn Summers Says:

    I told you so!

  3. Casca Says:

    On the chick scale, you’re perfectly normal.

  4. Gib Says:

    I trust that you still would have gone to the interview had you won. Gone in a pirate costume or something, but still gone.

  5. Jake Says:

    Ok while you have been prepping for a job interview you have though about:

    1. New York lottery
    2. Your shoes
    3. Your chair
    4. Your dead neighbor
    5. Possibility of a prison term for burglary
    6. The coming death of Britney Spears.
    7. Milk
    8. Spoiled milk.

    You must like to be unemployed.

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