Where does the good go


I went to a comedy show last night. It was the first time I’ve seen funny women comics live. (My apologies if you’re one of the women comics I have lied to in the past). The first one I liked because of her sassy attitude…um…in other words, she was black. What? No. You’re a racist.
The second one did this bit about how she hates when people talk about their dreams…I’m not too keen on that Martin Luther King speech either. I bet his friends were like “okay, that part of the dream where your kids are judged by the content of their character is okay…but I’d cut out the part where you’re riding a horse, but it’s not really a horse and you think you see your mother, but her face is all weird.”
They were followed by this guy who did a hilarious bit about how his girlfriend is always like “would you do anything for me?” And I’m like absolutely not. Obviously. That’s not romance, that’s the love you have for heroin. Like, baby, I would sell my tv and suck the dirtiest cock just to get a taste of you.” But he went on and on in details about the things he’d do for heroin. It was funny. Then some guy told a joke about how in the 70s the city sold an island for ten dollars…wait, it might have been Ugarles, anyway, he was like “ten dollars? For an island? I can’t believe no one was like ‘um…I’ll give you $11. I mean here is the ultimate sign of status and wealth and no one wants to break a $20?”

6 Responses to “Magnetic”

  1. Mary Says:

    D’oh – I completely forgot about Charles’ gig. And because I have no cable (internet or cable) this week, I had no excuse for staying home – well, there was the stack of books I’ve been ignoring for a while. Sorry Charles!

  2. Charles Says:

    Have no regrets.

  3. Charles Says:

    That was an unfair thing to say. I had a good time despite the total void I felt every time I said something I had written in the last two days. Also, when I said hello. Regret missing some of the other folks.

    Fortunately, I have decided to blame the audience. So you, Mary, could have been part of the solution. Dawn may have been the only thing between me and total silence.

  4. Dawn Summers Says:

    I totally was. I heckle good.

  5. Raquel (Unsassy White Comic) Says:

    I thought it was a nice show. I like performing with a red curtain behind me. It makes me feel important.

    I left happy– thank you and those two random people against the wall for laughing! :)

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