Where does the good go

I see you

I am currently at the eyedoctor. Every year I wait till December to use up the money in my flex account. The doctor is a holdover from the days when my mother only went to orthodox Jewish doctors on some racist theory about who made the best doctors. As you can imagine, I am the only black person surrounded by no less than three orthodox Jewish families.
The family to my left, and frankly also to my right and at my feet, is really the focus of this post. There are five kids. One a girl about 8, she seems to be the bossy one, a boy about 9, who is horribly behaved. His name is Yitzy. I know this because he throws his little hat across the room, oh, about every three seconds and the bossy sister says “stop that Yitzy!” Then he throws her coat. It hits the other girl who looks about 12. She says nothing until bossy girl removes the coat from her head. Then, there’s a four or five year old sitting at my feet playing with a rolling telephone. Correction. He was playing with the phone until I started typing on my Treo. Now, he is fascinated with my every stroke. I keep tilting the screen away from him, he climbs higher on the chair to look. I tilt, he leans. He is now on my shoulder. I am cracking up. Four year olds can’t read, right? Halfway, through his determined ascent of Mount Summers, a pair of hands tried to pull his down. This was the first time I noticed the mother in this group. She is buried beneath a baby in a huge pink baby winter body bag…that’s probably not the right name for it.
Yitzy has thrown the coat again. This time at bossy girl. She is threatening to tell mommy. Yitzy doesn’t quite laugh out loud, but as he promptly sends his hat straight toward her head, this threat does not frighten him.
Toddler kid has lost interest in the Treo and is now being flung about the air by Yitzy while bossy girl screams for him to put the kid down. Girl from family on the other side of the room looks horrified.
Receptionist calls me inside. I hope the little guy makes it out alive…or at least in one piece.

6 Responses to “I see you”

  1. fisch Says:

    Yitzi is spelled with an “I” at the end.

  2. Jake Says:

    You typed this on a Treo? I am impressed by both your typing and your writing skills.

    I think there is a documentary here-“Day in the Life of Yitzy”. Although the cameraman would probably kill him

  3. Dawn Summers Says:

    Not this one, his name was spelled with a y. definitely.

  4. Ari Says:

    How do you know? Was it spelled out on his horn repressor, er, yarmulke? 😛

  5. tae Says:

    “…huge pink baby winter body bag.”

    HAHAHAHAHA – I know exactly what you’re talking about. Excellent name for it.

  6. Jordan Says:

    Orthodox Jews can read at 18 months. That’s when we start training them to be doctors. Its all part of our vast Jewish conspiracy. BWAHWAHWAHWA!

    Throw the Christians to the lions!

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