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Three questions

1) Does anybody know a good tour guide company so that I could take a month-long tour of Australia/ New Zealand — hitting all the sites?

2) I have a video file that youtube says is too large…is there another site I can upload it to that takes bigger files?

3) Does anybody want to hire me? I’m adorable.

8 Responses to “Three questions”

  1. iocaste Says:

    If it’s .avi, you can go to

    Other places where you can upload for streaming video – dunno the size limits – Filefront, Zshare, and imeem.

  2. Karol Says:

    I want to hire you. You can be my black Kate Moss. But it’s only a one-night gig.

  3. tae Says:

    I would like to hire you to take me on a month-long tour of Australia/New Zealand. :)

  4. dawn summers Says:

    Great, I can use the money from the black kate Moss gig to learn about Australia and New Zealand!

  5. Casca Says:

    Do you have a rate card?

  6. Ari Says:

    I’ll hire you. I miss having a personal flogging toy.

  7. Chilly Says:

    You can load your video up to I am sure that it will fit right in.

  8. Anwyn Says:

    Depends what sites you want to see. If you’re a LotR geek, Red Carpet Tours is your man.

    Otherwise … I read in an airline magazine about companies that will set you up with tours of all the best wineries etc.

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