Where does the good go

Don’t judge me

Okay, what I’m going to say needs to be prefaced by 1) I’ve been in bed pretty much nonstop for two weeks 2) I decided to get out of bed today, but made it only so far as my living room 3) In my living room there is a 65 inch TV:

That said…

Boy that Hannah Montana show is pretty good. Who wants to get me the soundtrack?

2 Responses to “Don’t judge me”

  1. DRobbSki Says:

    UGH, sounds miserable.
    So I guess you won’t get the email I sent to you yesterday at work, huh? (Was just checking in, seeing how you are).

  2. Joe-Unimpressed Says:

    No judging, we know you. Besides, the Hannah Montana soundtrack CAN’T be any worse than Clay Aiken.

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