Where does the good go

Conversations of the Day

Dawn: So on 30 Rock, Tracy mangled the Star Spangled Banner while at a baseball game, so he walks into Jack Donaghy’s office and he’s like “Jack is ‘desecrated’ a bad thing?” And he shows him a clip of the song and Jack is all “don’t worry Tracy, you’re a celebrity, you’re a star. This is what you do. It’s my job to fix it. So don’t you worry, you go out there and be your crazy self, the only thing you can’t do is dog fighting. Cause it’s the one thing America won’t forgive and I can’t help you.” So Tracy leaves Jack’s office and immediately tells his Entourage to go get him some dogs because even though he thinks dog fighting is vile and inhumane, it’s the one thing Jack told him not to do, so he’s got to do it.

Karol: (Silence)

Dawn: Yeah, well, bite me. You spend two weeks in bed and see what you end up talking about.

Dawn: Did I tell you how much my foot hurts.
Karol: Yes.
Dawn: I did? With the foot? And the pain?
Karol: Yes.
Dawn: Hmm…okay…um…I got a different story
Karol: No you don’t.

2 Responses to “Conversations of the Day”

  1. Karol Says:

    Did I tell you about my face? With the swollen chipmunk look and the black+blue that’s now yellow? Did I?

  2. Dawn Summers Says:

    Kim you need to leave him.

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