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Conversation of the Day

Marc: You think he’s out of my league? He’s a nine, I’m an eight.
Amanda: He’s a ten, you’re a six.
Marc: You’re a bitch, I’m a seven.

Hahahahah and if I ever figure out graphics, I’m so posting Barney’s Crazy vs. Hot graph from How I Met Your Mother

UPDATE: Okay, still no graphing skills, but Karol found a summary of the funny:

2) Barney’s graph about online women was freakin hilarious! You have a graph of Crazy vs. Hot and the Vicky Mendoza Diagonal below which the girl is too crazy to date and above which is so hot that you ignore the crazy. (AKA “she’d stab me, then lose 10 pounds.) I also like his mention of the Shelly Galesby Zone which was a crazy zone dedicated especially to the insanity exhibited by a women he once hooked up with.

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