Where does the good go


One day I am going to take an automotive course, so that I can stop taking my car to the dealership for service and saying things like “Um…I don’t know anything about cars, can you just check everything and fix it if anything is wrong no matter what the cost?” Because honestly, one of these days, the salesdude is going to die of a massive heart attack after all the jumping up and down and woo hooing that they do when they see me coming.

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  1. Ugarles Says:

    Maybe just take a negotiation class.

  2. Clareified » Blog Archive » Better than diggin’ a ditch Says:

    […] Growing up, my friend Izzy was the only person I knew whose family had a car. We were in dance school together and lived a block away from each other, so a couple of times a year, her dad would pick my mom and I up for the annual dance recital and for the dress rehearsal. I didn’t know anything about cars then (okay, and I still don’t), so I can’t say what the make or model of the car was, I know it was brown and whenever we’d lean on the hood, her dad would say “girls, it’s a car, not a chair!” and we’d hop off. But the very best part of the annual Dawn Summers gets to ride in a car, was that after the dress rehearsal, which was during the day, Mr. Wilson (that was his name) would take the car to the cash wash. And Izzy and I would sit in the back seat surrounded by the darkness and swishing of soap and water giggling and covering our eyes, while we pretended we lived under the sea or trapped in a bubble bath (her idea, I always thought the sea was more plausible.) I loved going through the car wash so much as a kid, that even when I was in high school and college, I’d ask my friends with cars, if they felt like going to the car wash – on me! Sadly, they would look a me funny and say no. Sad. Actually, when I bought my car, the very first thing I did — well, after getting the front repaired after the parked car smashed into me — was take it to the car wash. Anyway, I got to go this weekend and I took pictures! Still, so fun. Yes, yes. I am very easy to please. Ick! Filthy. Ah! Soap! Under da Sea! Swish Scrub Almost done! All clean! See ya next week. […]

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