Where does the good go

Heroes Spoiler poetry

Mohindar is still hot
Nathan is not
Claire is dumb
Peter looks numb
It’s good to see Sark
Hiro’s off on a lark
Like the girl who takes lives
Sad no one has anymore wives
What a blah episode
Well, this does not bode

4 Responses to “Heroes Spoiler poetry”

  1. Gib Says:

    I’m just glad you didn’t write a poem about Chuck.

  2. fisch Says:

    or anything else for that matter

  3. Ari Says:

    Clay Aiken is hot but not Nathan? Oh Dawn… you might as well be blinded. Was going to ask if you’re nuts but eh, not good to ask questions you already know the answer to. More importantly, how terrific was HIMYM?

  4. Ari Says:

    Nice tagline by the way – who’d have thought Rip Torn could be that amusing. Surprise!

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