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Fantasy Football: Year six

This year’s stellar team will be helmed by the stellar arm of QB Drew Brees. So yes, look for Brees to get injured early and be out for the season.

The rest of the squad in no particular order:

Santana Moss
Donte Stalworth
Joseph Addai
Willis McGhee
Antonio Gates
Matt Jones
Adam Vinateri
Baltimore Defense

6 Responses to “Fantasy Football: Year six”

  1. Casca Says:

    Brees? You’ll be suck’n it.

  2. fisch Says:

    Nah, Brees will be the real-world mvp this year, and maybe even have better stats than Peyton. Mark me for it.

  3. Casca Says:

    lol, got any money?

  4. fisch Says:

    No :( I made a similar bet last year and now I don’t have any money.

  5. alceste Says:

    hey – you left off donald driver from your list (who I think you’re unbiased readers would recommend starting over matt jones)

  6. Casca Says:

    So, how’s that working out for you so far? lmao

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