Where does the good go

You call it child endangerment…

I call it creative problem solving:

A woman was arrested on suspicion of letting her 5-year-old son drive her around while she was intoxicated, police said.

Holly Schnobrich, 24, of Lafayette, was charged with two counts of felony neglect and public intoxication after neighbors told police of the incident early Sunday in the Saddlebrook subdivision.

Mom arrested for letting five year old drive the car while she was drunk.

I don’t know anything about criminal law, but I’m guessing “but I was drunk” is not going to be an adequate defense here…

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  1. Anwyn’s Notes in the Margin » In the Land of the Prairie Gods Says:

    […] So I saw this over at Dawn Summers’s, moused over the link and saw it was to someplace called “indychannel,” hazily thought “independent” for “indy” … and then saw that the story took place in Lafayette. Alas, “indy” did not mean “independent” at all. “So I approach the car, and the windows came down and there’s a toddler on his knees, controlling the steering wheel,” Barrett told 6News’ Jennifer Carmack on Thursday. […]

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