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Hands down

I was telling someone the other day that my mother wouldn’t let me wear makeup and or paint my nails unless there was a dance recital, play or school graduation which merited such harlotry. Honestly, she could map out the path from eyeshadow to teen preganancy in thirty-three seconds without taking a breath.
Plus, I was always quite the tomboy and my nails were always getting smashed off by handballs or basketballs or in my softball mitts. I didn’t get my first manicure till my second year in law school and that was because I was bored and that’s what my friend was doing that afternoon.
It was nice, I liked the hand massaging dealie, but the paint would inevitably smear even before I left the shop or end up with a perfect imprint of my big left toe right there on the surface somehow — so, basically, I never saw the need.
Until last week:
Ok, and I know that looks freaky, but dude, it wasnt even the look of it that prompted me to action. They were basically impeding my ability to type and as I make my living blogging and text messaging, I couldn’t have my lightning quick wit impaired by ninteen inch nails.
So I made a date to have the cut…though, hours before I went in I started to panic that I had waited so long that my nails now had a lifeforce of their own.
I feared that as I approached the salon, it would sense its own impending destruction and retailate — taking out a few innocent Chinese manicurists in an effort to escape.
Alas, my fears were evidently unfounded.
All will be well for a good four, five months.

7 Responses to “Hands down”

  1. Karol Says:

    I was telling someone the other day

    That was me, I was that someone. Where’s my link?

  2. Karol Says:

    Oh and dude, it’s summer, enough with the brown. Let’s look into some pink or white.

  3. Casca Says:

    Thank You Jesus!

  4. Dawn Summers Says:

    casca, thank jesus for what?
    karol, that couldn’t have been you, the person didn’t know that, how could you not know that already?

  5. Ari Says:

    Hey, wasn’t I with you when you, me and Karol had shitty manicures on First Ave. (think it was maybe 2ish years ago?)

  6. Casca Says:

    That you turned those nasty claws into something belonging to a woman.

  7. Karol Says:

    karol, that couldn’t have been you, the person didn’t know that, how could you not know that already?

    I knew. You were just out of stories.

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