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Victory is MINE

“Well, we haven’t been studying Scrabble for a year, we’ve been raising a child…not that studying Scrabble isn’t important.” -Lola

In case you missed it, that’s loser talk. Now, as satisfying as beating Fisch all the time was, the real Scrabble gold standard was Lola and Polo. Year after painfully horrible year, they would crush me and my little spirit. As Peter said I was playing dog, they were playing dogmatic.
Ah, but that was then.
Even tonight, Lola scared the crap out of me when she bingoed on her second freaking turn taking a 70 point lead. Her first turn she played “nappy” claiming that she was only playing baby related words. Next turn, BAM – she playes enables with a blank and making snappy. I was running third.
Then she played the x…but also an E!
An e which allowed me to bingo with ‘dressier’ on a double double and I never looked back.
Polo resorted to blatant cheating and setting his wife up with triples…but the unstoppable Dawn Summers Scrabble machine could not be stopped!
“Keep gloating Dawn and I’m going to spend a week studying the Scrabble dictionary just to beat you,” Lola said after her defeat.
Ha! Studying the dictionary.

Recoiling was also mine…after Polo played wasted a blank to play coiling and take the triple, I added the re and scored my own triple for more points. And yes, I let him get away with “zeke” but he had already challenged zek and lost a turn and was soooo far behind that I figured, what the hell.

10 Responses to “Victory is MINE”

  1. Fisch Says:

    My job here is done. On to Darfur.

  2. Jamie Says:

    Uh, you filed a Scrabble post under ‘Sports’? Even I’m not that lazy.

  3. Dawn Summers Says:

    Yes, Fisch! I’ve always said that if you just send in an excellent Scrabble tutor, the genocide would stop. What’s a yesfish?

  4. Fisch Says:

    You can’t set yourself up for an x-fish line. That’s just not funny.

  5. Dawn Summers Says:

    I invented the x-fish jokes. I set them up however I’d like.

  6. Fisch Says:

    Do you see how I just made you refer to the kind of joke YOU INVENTED by calling it the name I just named it?
    Don’t worry…I tell ya…free will is overrated.

  7. Dawn Summers Says:

    Good luck in California, Fisch.

  8. Fisch Says:

    Thank you, Dawin.

  9. Dawn Summers Says:

    Who’s that?

  10. Karol Says:

    Dude. Don’t you have a scrabble blog for this crap?

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