Where does the good go

Everything changed, then changed again

I tried to log on to facebook to change my mood to glum. But, the site was down because they were upgrading.
My mood, now glummer, I remembered I had a blog.
And as I logged in, and posted about Joel Siegel, a fellow cancer, dying of cancer a week before his birthday, making me yet glummer still. I kept getting notifications of new comments. At first I thought they were spam, but no!

Somewhere, 3000 miles away, Gertie is brightening my day by commenting on pretty much all my posts from the past week.


So now my mood is officially: Not as glum.

I do so love these intertubes.

2 Responses to “Everything changed, then changed again”

  1. timl Says:

    dont be glum-ish…youre too absolutely charming to be frown-y…here is one o my fav-o-rite stupid jokes…stupid jokes rock and rule, dontcha think?!

    OK…here we go…so a mushroom walks into a bar (ok I know mushrooms cant walk, but I was raised near the “Mushroom Capital of America”, Kennet Square, Pa – where we have a mushroom museum and everything and in Kennet one NEVER doubts the power of a mushroom)…ok, ok…so a mushroom walks into a bar…climbs (I know no thumbs and all, but just open up to the possibility)…climbs up into a barstool and says:

    “Bartender, I’d like a Beer please”

    The bartender says: “Hey, get outta Here! We don’t sever VEGETABLES here in this dang bar”

    The musshroom, now all sad and hurt, replies ina a pained and trembling voice….” but…why not…I’m a fun-gie…:

    Fun Guy! Get it?! Fungie! Whoot ho! That joke alwayssss makes me giggle inside like the 9 year old that I somehow still seem to really be.

    Two more! I heard these jokes on a rainy day in a water taxi in annapolis maryland. I was heading out to my lil sailboat and a oh so darlin’ lil girl of 7 or 8 or so in a told fashioned yellow slick with a matching yellow gloucsterman hat came over to me and my very smiley blue eyed dog.

    To set the stage, this was just before a very big movie starring Johnny Depp was about to come out.

    She walked away from her mom and over to me pal Spike and I and said: “Hey mister, have you heard about the new pirate movie thats coming out this weekend?” I said, “Sure, the Pirates of the Carribean movie”. “Yeah”, she continued, “I’m sad. I cant go see it. It’s rated Rrrrrr!!!!”

    Then she asked me “How much does a pirate pay to gets his ears pierced?”

    and answered…”about a buck-an-ear…”

    I then swooned, put off all thoughts about my impending desertion of the human race and realized that I really, really, really,really like nice little girls in yellow slickers with gloucester man hats
    in the rain in annapollis, maryland in water taxis..I mean really, really, really like.

    Happy birthday week nice Dawn Summer girl.

  2. amazon carport Says:

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