Where does the good go

Tommy Thompson quits Law & Order

You heard me, TOMMY THOMPSON is probably running for president and we want to make sure that TOMMY Thompson gets as many Law & Order votes as possible.


Tell your friends.

Karol does not get a via for this.

4 Responses to “Tommy Thompson quits Law & Order”

  1. Fisch Says:

    Finally a tagline worth reading!

  2. Charles Says:

    I’ll bring the plastic sheeting.

  3. PattyAnn Says:

    How powerful is Tommy Thompson for quitting Law & Order when Tommy Thompson never acted in that show?
    Just askin’.

  4. Dawn Summers Says:

    Tommy Thompson never acted in Law & Order? What? No way! Well, I hope voters don’t similarly get confused when voting in the Republican primary. I better stop putting the name Tommy Thompson and Law & Order in the same sentence before people googling it get the right idea.

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