Where does the good go

Because evidently God thinks I ate enough yesterday

Now, I’m not going to lie to you. I didn’t leave my bed until 8:01 pm. Understandably, I was very very hungry. I couldn’t find any menus or cards for the local pizza or Chinese places — and since all the delis close at eight in my neighborhood, things looked bleak for our hero.
At 8:30 I decided to venture outside to forage and or hunt.
I walked to my favorite pizza place — seven blocks away — and it was closed.
Oh well, I’ll grab a sandwich at Subway.
Another four blocks and I was staring at the metal bars in front of a closed Subway.
I muttered some choice words, until I noticed a new Italian restaurant across the street from Subway.
I walked up to door, looked at the menu in the window and settled on the fettucini alfredo.
A waiter approached me with a paper menu in his hand.
“Hello, ma’am.”
“Do you have take out?”
“Yes, we do, but…”
“Ok, I’d like to order.”
“No, I’m sorry ma’am the chef isn’t here today.”
For the love of…why are they open! With waiters??? WHEN THERE’S NO CHEF.
I muttered a few more of those choice words and started back home. On the way, I grabbed a bag of potato chips, cheese whiz and some crackers.
Oh yeah.
Say it with me: YUM.

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  1. consi Says:

    Apparently the grocery store overwhelms some females too. That or a residual Thanksgiving hangover fear of cooking.

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