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Buffy’s Back, Baby

I’ve never been a comic book person. I mean, grapic novel person. Matt tried to get me into them in the ninth grade, Pi tried in law school…but twas Joss Whedon that got me to buy a comic. In a comic book store.
I confess, much of the rest of this post is…um…contrived– true, but contrived.
“Ok,” I said to pearatty as she parked the car in front of the aptly named “Comic Book Store,” in Mississippi, OR, “this has to be bloggable…so let’s try to make it interesting. Ask lots of questions!”
She took to her role like a fish to water –and not like her sister’s brain damaged fish, which flopped out of his bowl and is now paralyzed to such an extent that everyone says its time for her to flush him out of his misery.
Pearatty took pictures of me getting out the car, crossing the street, opening the door, walking through the aisles, sidling up to the counter…
“Hi! I’m looking for Buffy Season Eight!”
Comic book guy looked nothing like “Comic Book Guy.” He was clean-cut, friendly, with square glasses and a goatee.
He told us there were two issues and issue three would be available on Wednesday.
We followed him to the back of the store.
“Sorry, looks like we only have Issue 1 in stock…Do you want it?”
Booo…nooooo…I want all of them…. Booo.
“Yes!” Pearatty said before I could express my boos aloud.
Oh well, at least I can read the first one and see if I want to buy the rest of them.
He got us two issues and then we started to pepper him with questions.
(I had a post to write.)
“So are you guys annoyed with all the Buffy people coming in here?”
“No. Not at all…we don’t care about who the customers are.”
Pearatty gave him her faux hurt face.
“No, no…not like that…I mean, the owners really wanted to make this place accessible to everybody…like a bookstore.”
Indeed, the place was not like the comic book places I imagined, with crowded aisles and tatooted employees and goth patrons with black eye shadow.
It was mahogany and clean…it even boasted a sign which said “comics for the people.”
Very unitimidating.
He showed issues of the Secret Wars, where Spiderman gets the black suit for the first time when I told him I was psyched for the movie (FIVE MORE DAYS, people!!!!)
Pearatty bought some more Joss Whedon comics and I took some pictures.
Comic Book store guy was onto us…
“Hmm…so what’s the deal with you guys? Do you have a blog or something?”
Pearatty laughed and I covered my face.
Jeez, Summers, is this what you have come to??
Pearatty gave him the blog name and we waved goodbye.
She took some final shots of me leaving the bookstore with the comic in hand to complete the montage of Dawn Summers comic book shopping in Portland.
After antiquing (i.e. rifling though other people’s old trash…no, seriously, one store was advertised as “we sell stuff we found in dumpsters”) we went back to her sister’s place to read our Buffy Season Eights.
“Ok…ready? Tuesday at 8 pm! Go!”
We both giggled at the same lines and were happy about the same twists. The meter of the comic is that same familiar banter from the show…it’s great. There are even commercials in the middle!
Oh, and theres Dawn.
But there it is, same Joss Whedon greatness.
So, now I’ve got to find me a comic book store in New York to get the second issue and issue three on Wednesday…which is good, because I think Clareified has a new reader and he’s totally into comics.

4 Responses to “Buffy’s Back, Baby”

  1. E.E. Grimshaw Says:

    13th and broadway. i mean…i don’t go to comic book stores…

  2. pi Says:

    But I wanted to be responsible for all your time-sucking, money-consuming vices!

  3. kaz Says:

    woo! i just read the first one on the plane last night! there are a couple of good comic book stores in nyc – we can go together when i get back if you can wait that long…

  4. Dawn Summers Says:

    pi, you’ll have to settle for 5 out of 6.

    kaz, patience is not one of our virtues…but we can make it a tradition to get the rest!

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