Where does the good go

Oregon? Check.

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10 Responses to “Oregon? Check.”

  1. Karol Says:

    You’re gay.

  2. Dawn Summers Says:

    who am I gay with?

  3. Karol Says:

    Nooooo I can do so much better.

  4. Karol Says:

    Besides, you can be gay all alone, you know.

  5. Pearatty Says:

    Looks like someone needs a trip to the four corners area.

  6. kaz Says:

    pearatty, dawn – let’s go!

  7. Dawn Summers Says:

    Done and done! Let’s go visit Q’s parents in August!

  8. Casca Says:

    Hmmmm, I’d say, do Yellowstone, and the Grand Canyon after flying to Chicago to pick up a rental car (unlimited miles), and you’ve got it whacked.

  9. toby Says:

    I wanna do it, but can’t I make the states blue instead?

  10. Nur Says:

    Thank you very much for your comment. I agree that the American Dream has moeprhd into a wasteland’ and I I don’t think that my case is unique. The question has always been how much will the American people take? I got myself through my tour by convincing my self I worked for the people of the united stated and that I was there to protect my brothers in arms from being hurt. Many people that I had served with didn’t even know why they were there the military was just the best option the system could give them at social mobility. The American Dream is elusive because it is a static conceit defined by its time period but we can all agree about certain levels of necessity. I don’t worry about me because I am always clever enough to survive. The worse things get the more lowest classes get crushed by the impact. They are all of our concern.

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