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Audience Participation Friday

Have you ever made a mix tape for someone else? Was there a hidden agenda? What was the agenda?

I’ve made three in my life. Agenda with the first two, no agenda with the last. HAHAHAHHAAHA…is there ever any other agenda with mix tapes? HAHAHHAHAAHHA

13 Responses to “Audience Participation Friday”

  1. DRobbSki Says:

    Yes. For Cheesefry, and to get her to sleep with me 😉

    Actually, I think I made two — one in response to her mix tape and I hoped she’d continue to date me, and then next in the hopes that she’d sleep with me.

    (As an aside, did you see the bit in LOST where Sawyer mentions a mix tape? That cracked me and Cheesefry up.)

    (As another aside, yes, the mixtapes must have worked — or maybe it’s just Cheesefry’s horrible vision — she did marry me after all.)

  2. Dawn Summers Says:

    Oh. Good lord. Ok, there are other agendas — i was just thinking to get other people to appreciate the genius that is Clay Aiken. Oh. Man. Glad we clareified that!

  3. DRobbSki Says:

    Genius that is Clay Aiken? Hmm. Not so sure about that.
    But I’m fairly sure that he has made mix tapes to make others sleep with him, too.
    I mean, what else could the purpose of a mix tape be?

  4. Karol Says:

    Dude. There is not always agenda. Sometimes you just want to introduce someone to a new style of music. SHEESH.

  5. DRobbSki Says:

    Exactly what I was saying, Karol. (or something like that)

  6. April Says:

    What’s a tape?

  7. Michael Bates Says:

    I’ve made only two mix CDs. One was a selection of songs about Texas to serve as a soundtrack for a family minivan trip to visit relatives in the Lone Star State. The other was at the request of a barista at the coffee house I frequent. She’d grown up hearing about Western Swing music, but had never heard much of it, so I compiled a sampler for her, mostly Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys, but some other bands, too. As Karol said, “Sometimes you just want to introduce someone to a new style of music.”

  8. Gib Says:

    “Sometimes you just want to introduce someone to a new style of music.”

    And if they’re so impressed with your eclectic taste that they begin sleeping with you, really, is there anything wrong with that?

  9. pn Says:

    what are you people talking about? there is always an agenda! and it’s usually not hidden. i miss those days. the digital movement is not very romantic.

  10. Karol Says:

    There is not always an agenda, PN! I’m so surprised you’d say that! Haven’t you ever wanted someone to hear music you enjoy just because you think they’d enjoy it too? And….hmm…haven’t you made mix tapes for my boyfriend? 😉

  11. Gib Says:

    the digital movement is not very romantic.

    Yeah, saying “I made you a playlist on iTunes,” just doesn’t have the same effect.

  12. kaz Says:

    i made you a mix cd, with the agenda of being able to listen to better music in your car!

  13. F-Train Says:

    That’s a noble agenda. Let us all make mix CDs for Dawn, so that we may be spared the trials of being stuck in a car with Poddy ever again.

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