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Quote of the Yesterday

“A hustle doesn’t take a day, it takes months…months of losing five dollars will now yield me hundreds.” – Fisch on my graduation to playing full games.

And not coincidentally, this quote was followed by today’s quote:

“This is the highest stakes Scrabble game you’ve ever played,” – Fisch on my letting the ten dollars lost on my “Kate Winslet hasn’t been nominated for more than three Oscars” bet, ride on the final Scrabble game of the night.

(I would publish the picture of that board here, but Fisch destroyed it in a fit of bad loser rage…which sounded a little bit like “waaaa, even when I win, I lose.”

5 Responses to “Quote of the Yesterday”

  1. Fisch Says:

    Why don’t you publish the scores from last nights games. You do still have those. I know you do :)

  2. Dawn Summers Says:

    Let’s just say no one won any money, no one lost any money.

  3. Fisch Says:

    haha let’s say a little more than that 😉

  4. Chugarte Says:

    Fisch, don’t you have a blog where you could put the results?

  5. Dawn Summers Says:

    YES! I tell him that all the time! hahahahahah Charles, funny.

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