Where does the good go

Dawn takes on all comers…

Dawn wins

And wins…though when your opponents draw this, it helps.

5 Responses to “Dawn takes on all comers…”

  1. Chugarte Says:


    And I can’t say I’m surprised that Fisch can’t play without a rack that spells IOU.

  2. Mary Says:

    “I peet my pants when my Mercedes-bents hit the tree”

    I’m with Charles – peet? bents?

    IOU – hahahaha

  3. Dawn Summers Says:

    wasn’t a fisch game…i did mention that i won. and yes, peet is not a real word, as i found out later when i tried to make it “peets.” :(

  4. Chugarte Says:

    “Bents” works. (Think “inclinations”.)

  5. Says:

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