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Obama v. Clinton Celebrity Deathmatch ’07

FYI, morons, neither of you are getting out of the primary. NEITHER!!!!
Insert head hang.
I’ll be the first one to admit that this is all my fault. After President Bush won reelection and it was quite clear that Cheney had no intention to run, I pictured much inter party mudslinging and backstabbing in the Republican party.
McCain calling Rudy godless, Frist calling McCain old and delusional, Buchanan calling everybody a “liberal.” I just wanted to sit back and watch the fur fly. Meanwhile, back on naive Annie’s ranch, the Democrats — possibly lead by Jimmy Carter, would quietly meet on a compound, somewhere in the West — everyone who was interested, would throw their names into a hat and a young innocent child no older than five would pluck a name and our nominee would be born.
All would hail and rally forth.
We’d have our candidate. Whistle clean.
We’d raise money and be ready for whatever bloodied mess emerged from the Republican primary.
We’d laugh and point.
Can somebody please remind him that his middle name is HUSSEIN and tell her that her husband was FRICKIN IMPEACHED!

5 Responses to “Obama v. Clinton Celebrity Deathmatch ’07”

  1. Gib Says:

    Yep, because whenever I want to avoid an ugly political fight, two things I look for are:

    1. Someone named Clinton who wants something.

    2. Someone who is standing in their way.

    Because when you have those two things, it’s all sweetness and light.

  2. Joe- Unimpressed Says:

    You really think neither will make it out of the primaries? So who’s it gonna be Dodd or Kucinich? I think one of them will get the nomination and lose to the republican candidate.

  3. Chilly Says:


  4. Dawn Summers Says:

    I say Gore.

  5. Casca Says:

    This blog is populated by political ninnys. How about NONE OF THE ABOVE? The Clintons own the D party. The only question is who will fill the veep spot. Count on Obama, since they need to bolster the black vote which has been subtly slipping. A loss of a couple percentage points of the black vote will kill the Democrats as a national force. Success in Iraq won’t help them either. Richardson could be the alternative minority choice, plus he’s been a good toady.

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