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Same drill as for 24
I never really have anything to say about this show, except that it’s beautiful and creative and I do look forward to every week’s episode. It’s a show about superpowers and so it’s hard to put it under a microscope and nitpick…but (did you sense the but coming? Didja?)
Sometimes I just have questions and turns out I’m not the only one:
So yeah, a placeholder. It was definitely a time for parents, though, more so than in previous eps: H.R.G. and his continuing deception of Claire, who is on the hunt for her real mother and father; D.L. trying to be a good dad and coming up short; Hiro’s pop making an appearance; and Matt finding out he’s going to be one. I suppose I could comment on the multiple plot holes, and I suppose I could comment on the way Heroes constantly takes narrative short cuts that really make no sense, but then I would be the spoilsport, right? So, I’m just going to ask some questions:

1. How is Janice still with Matt? I’m sure she’s in some sorta state of disbelief about the fact that her husband is a mind reader, but as I said last week, if my significant other starts to read my thoughts, I am dust. I don’t care if there’s a baby coming. (A baby, by the way, heals all wounds, even if your wife has cheated on you and even if your husband is a freaky psychic. I wish I knew what number she was thinking of last week. Also, it’ll be interesting to see if baby Parkman eventually has any powers, but that’s way off.)

2. How were Hiro and Ando completely surrounded by people hunting them down in an enclosed parking garage, yet they still ended up hiding undetected under a car?

3. How did it become so easy for Sylar to fake his death? Was nobody on the lookout for that? Apparently not, especially not the semi-incompetent-looking doctor that H.R.G. had looking after him.

4. When did Peter make the jump from ”Wow, you’re a shady invisible man who likes to steal people’s wallets” to ”Wow, I don’t really know you, shady invisible man, but based on the fact that I had a frightening dream where I am the source of a nuclear explosion that destroys New York City to which you happen to be a creepy laughing bystander, I would like you to train me on how to better use my powers”?

Answers, anyone? I’m especially curious about the last point, because when Peter asked ”Claude Rains,” ”How many people have you taught before me?” I was still unclear as to why Peter thinks that Claude (a) has taught anyone anything other than perhaps how to be an Artful Dodger-esque street urchin and (b) cares about Peter’s potential blowing up of New York, especially because red-eyed, raggedy-looking Petrelli looks more like a meth addict lately than anything else. Peter’s ”I found you for a reason: I think you teach me how to stop this” is a typical Heroes line, sort of apropos of nothing, yet clearly concocted to move the plot forward. Seriously, though, I’m not going to like every episode (and I would hope that you’d be the same; otherwise, you’d be an unthinking automaton), and this one ranks low on my list so far.

Yet there’s something to be said for an episode that can make Sulu look so badass. George Takei, where you been all my life? I was happy to see Hiro run back for his dear friend and throw himself into what could have been a dangerous situation (though, was it just me, or was Hiro’s English particularly difficult to understand this time around?). It’s going to take a while for him to get that sword now with Papa Nakamura in the picture.

And isn’t Claire the little Nancy Drew, finding her mother with nothing more than some Internet research and a phone book? I got a little giddy when she lit that cigarette with her fingers and also sort of a little sad when Sylar confronted H.R.G. with that creepy ”How’s Claire?” line. I’m sure we all waffle back and forth in terms of what we think H.R.G.’s motivations are, but when he told his daughter, ”Whether you’re 16, or 32, or 64, I will be there for you. Always,” I believed the guy. Good daddy — despite the whole memory-erasure thing.

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