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You know the drill…
Well, this week’s episode was a million times better than last week’s. We get some kills (albeit offscreen), Waleed aka the worst mole EVER, gets the beatdown I’ve wanted to give him since he started dating the Speaker of the House’s Chief of Staff on Commander in Chief last year AND we get the first hint at who the bad guy inside CTU is. “That’s illegal, isn’t it?” Bat eyes.
F-train scores the quote of the night with his “This episode was worse than last week, even though they gave Jack an evil twin, everything was so predictable.
I will say who didn’t see the brother turning on Jack and his dad? Karol dubbed Jack batman when the brother opted for ye old “make sure he’s taken care of” instead of just having the henchmen kill Jack right then and there. Of course, I then pointed out that the show is called 24 – not 6.
See ya next week kids!
Oh…and what do we think of President Palmer II? Crying when karen quit? Dude…what’s going on there…does he even have a family? Or has he only got the goatee to keep his company at night?

5 Responses to “24 Blogging”

  1. F-Train Says:

    Not only crying when she quit, but I mean, didn’t LA just get nuked two hours ago? The President should tell his NSA, in no uncertain terms, that she cannot quit.

    And really, *I* thought the line of the night was

    F-Train: Wait, Walid knows how to *pickpocket* people now?
    Dawn: Duh, he’s black.

    Let’s hope they give Hotiya more face time now that they’ve given her a minor conflict.

  2. Dawn Summers Says:

    Hotiya is so the mole of the season.

  3. F-Train Says:

    Should that be Hottie-ya? Hmm. And no way, that would be too easy. Make the Muslim lady the mole.

  4. Dawn Summers Says:

    oh…then the mole is xander’s friend from buffy trying to set her up!

  5. Casca Says:

    I’m glad you’re keeping me up to date. I fell asleep five minutes in.

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