Where does the good go

Cause Dawn Summers loves audience participation

What were the best Clareified posts of 2006?

And yes, this is an invitation to plug your name into the blog search engine and read all the posts about yourself. (Egomaniac.)

The winner will get a bloggy good prize.

Let’s get a good clean comment war going!

16 Responses to “Cause Dawn Summers loves audience participation”

  1. pearatty Says:

    The Christmas dinner post. Hands down.

  2. pearatty Says:

    Oh, wait, no. I meant the Thanksgiving dinner post. Sorry.

  3. DRobbSki Says:

    See, I’d say anything having to do with poker 😉

  4. Ari Says:

    Yep – exactly what Pearatty said (the second time).

  5. E.E. Grimshaw Says:

    i like the ones where i’m mentioned. also, i would like to belatedly reply to your comment about the spice girls. when goodbye was released, ginger spice had already left the group. as i recall, she left right before the spice girls 1998 summer tour. which hardcore hurt my soul. and this single came out at the end of the year. sniff. rip spice nation.

  6. Chilly Says:

    Thanksgiving Post should be made into a movie.

  7. Chilly Says:

    Since I actually list a post I think I technically qualify for any prizes.

  8. Consigliere Says:

    The Thanksgiving post was the best post I read. I qualify that with the fact that I came late to the party and haven’t read about 8 months worth of posts.

  9. Gib Says:

    Two words: Gib funny.

  10. Fisch Says:

    No really, How do I not walk into walls- was funny as fuck…But all your posts are good. You got skills girl. Too bad you can’t play scrabble.

  11. annika Says:

    The Thanksgiving dinner post may be the best post of the year, by any blogger.

    I typed my name into your search and was flattered to see my name a few more times than i had thought! Yay!

  12. DRobbSki Says:

    OK ok ok, the Thanksgiving dinner post was very very good. Though it probably battles Arigoesdown’s “I’ve …” post over the summer (about everyone she’s dated) for best thing I’ve read all year. (it was slow at work and I was clicking through your link of blogger-friend-links.) I still vote for Dawn, though, cuz (1) I’ve known you a long long time and (2) you kill me if I don’t.

  13. Dawn Summers Says:

    aw, drobbski, u know me so very well. ok, new year’s resolution: dawn will threaten to kill less people.

  14. dawn summers Says:

    Fisch, I would have figured that you would go the “dawn you have an innate talent for scrabble” route cause it would ever that more humiliating to lost 6/7 games to someone who can’t play. I think they can retroactively revoke national rankings for that.

  15. Chilly Says:

    So what’s my prize?

  16. Fisch Says:

    retroactively revoke you say? Welcome to the department of redundancy department.

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