Where does the good go

Is it 2007 yet?

No? Man…I’ve had quite an eventful past couple of days, nothing interesting, but hey, if you’re still coming to this blog after I posted that inane conversation with F-train, you really are easy to please, so here goes.
My friends and the most adorable, genius baby in all the world came by for a visit. Here’s a picture:


I mean, honestly!

Her parents got lost on the way over, so young Princess Leia fell into a lengthy nap that she was not pleased to be awakened from. This resulted in grumpy Leia…then she became Leia no pants after the her pants-are-wet-but-Dawn-doesn’t-have-a-dryer incident.

Now, the first time Leia came for a visit I was woefully unprepared. We had to make do with a wacky stroller pushing game and playing with rubber duckies I got from a baby shower that I went to a few months ago. But this time I was ready! I bought a couple of toys on my home from Christmas dinner and rounded up the ducks! I also had my camera. She really has the most expressive face ever.
Of course, she did not like the camera at first, so all the early shots involve pouting and tears.
Her parents tried to get her to say my name.
“Come on, Leia, say “Dawn”…say “hi Aunt Dawn.” Dawn was almost your name!”
“Yeah, it was like 82nd on the list,” her mother added.
“Oh, don’t worry, Leia. I still call you Dawn,” I replied.
All efforts failed. However, I am fairly sure that she named one of the rubber ducks, Dawn. So. There’s that.
We ordered pizza, cause she really really seemed to like it the last time. Plus, the poor bastards live in Maryland and well, who knows when the last time they had anything remotely resembling New York pizza.
The funniest was when Polo was all “no, give her some of your slice, she’s already eaten half of mine.”
No dice.
“Waaa…my baby ate my pizza! Give it to her!”
“Yes, dear.”
They are so cute.
He got her back later though when we were playing Scrabble and she kept drawing bad tiles and pouting.
That’s when he sang her the “baby on the bus goes wa wa wa” song. Hilarious. They really should make a sitcom about them.
Alas, my undefeated at Scrabble in my house days are over. Marco managed to a 45 point play on his first go and I became too preoccupied with finding a bingo, to recover. I did manage to beat Lola again. But really, I beat her sooo many times (read:twice) that she’s hardly an accomplishment.
Much like Fisch has become.
Leia was totally into the tiles and I can’t wait for her to start playing, I will be looking for challenge by then.
Leia somehow managed to turn on my ipod speakers. She put on NSYNC’s bye bye bye and her father was dismayed at her musical selection. His spirits were lifted, however, when she doubled back less than a minute later to turn the volume waaay down.
“Yes! Good, Leia! It is too loud! Good girl!”
I laughed.
She then asked for a glass of “agua,” leading me to despair that all the world is bilingual, but me.
I gave her the water and walked back to the kitchen.
Before I had crossed the threshold, I heard a splash in the livingroom.
I poked my head back in and her parents were calming sitting at the kitchen table, while their only child was surrounded by a puddle of water.
“Ah, Aunt Dawn has just learned a valuable lesson about giving a baby a full glass of water,” her father said laughing as I mopped up the spill with my mounds of paper towels.
I laughed.
We finished up the game and they headed home, I watched some TV and then decided to go play a little in Manhattan.
I had an insane game and ended the night with Fisch being the voice of reason telling me to leave while I was ahead…which, you know, if you knew him, is funny.
Anyway, I leave for vacation tomorrow.
I may or may not continue posting these fascinatingly inciteful tomes, but have a good end of year and a happy start to 2007.
Peace out.
Oh yeah, that’s right. I took it old school.
That movie sucked by the way.

5 Responses to “Is it 2007 yet?”

  1. Fisch Says:

    I am supposed to be on my way to your house right now. Instead I’m reading your blog. Does that make you feel good and bad at the same time? Like a hot flash. Yea that’s gonna be my new saying: Fisch-Like a hot flash.

  2. Dawn Summers Says:

    uhh…either you’re calling me old or you don’t know what a hot flash is…

  3. Polo Says:

    I believe the first play was 54 points. It was QUERY with a double-letter score on the Q and a double-word score.

    And beating Lola doesn’t really count in a 3-player game. No points for second place, I’m afraid. And wasn’t your first “victory” called after four rounds? That doesn’t count, either.

    Nice bar, though.

  4. Clareified » Blog Archive » Hi. My name is Dawn. This is my year. Says:

    […] I went to my friends’ apartment tonight for dinner. Afterwards, we decided to play some Scrabble. (I’m sure having nothing to do with the fact that I brought the Scrabble board and official Scrabble dictionary with me and kept saying ‘are we gonna play Scrabble now? Are we gonna play Scrabble now? Are we gonna play Scrabble now?’) Oh, and Cash would like me to take this opportunity to correct the statement that I was undefeated in my house before Lola and Polo came to visit. He has won a number of games at Chez Summers since I moved here. (In my defense, when I play with Cash and Pi they insist on this crazy freestyle Scrabble where they can put tiles down on the board in any order and then look up permutations in the dictionary until they find a valid combination. They are also free to challenge all of my words without penalty even when the words are good, so…you know…take his victories with a grain of salt.) I left their place around one and went to pick up my car at the garage. The attendant took my car and my slip and swiped it through the machine. He did this like eight times and then he said: “Sorry, miss. Our machine is down. Do you have any cash on you?” What now? “No.” “Um…can you go to a cash machine?” “No.” He stares at me. I stare back. “The machine isn’t working…” “Great, just get me my car and I will be on my way!” “I can’t…I have to charge you something…” “Too bad, it says you take credit cards. I gave you a credit card. So, give me my car. RIGHT. NOW.” “Umm…is there anyway you can get cash?” I ignore him this time…though some choice words come to mind. “Look, guy. I am tired. I have been here for fifteen minutes and if you don’t give me my car in the next five minutes, I am calling the police.” Cause, you know, I’ve done that before. “Well, what do you want me to do. The computer is not working.” “I want you to give me my car. IMMEDIATELY.” My voice echoes. Huh…I think I’m getting a cold. He gets on the phone with the office and I hear this on his end of the conversation. “I’m not getting a screen up here….no…it’s blank…oh…turn the computer on…ok…” He hangs up and presses the power button. Oh, the computer lights right up. Frickin genius. I hit the West Side Highway and make my way past Ground Zero. This area is always teeming with cops and so I slow down, I make my way to the entrance of the tunnel. A cop steps out of the booth and motions for me to stop. What the hell? FECK! Did I miss some sign or something??? I roll down the window. “Is the tunnel closed?” “No, we don’t close. We’re 24/7…are you ok, ma’am?” “Huh?” “You are driving very slowly. Are you lost?” “Uh…no…I’m fine…thanks…I will drive faster…” “Ok. Have a good night ma’am.” Awesome. (Oh, and by the way, a big Clareified shut the hell up to F-train, Fisch, Karol and Alceste on this one.) I get back to Brooklyn in record “driving faster” time and decide to get some gas. I turn off the car, get out, stick my credit card in, unscrew the cap and put the nozzle in. And then, I hear the sickening click of my locks descending and the beep of my car’s alarm. I feel for my car keys…even though I can see them dangling from the ignition. DAMMIT! Of couse, it’s like 20 degrees and I have no coat. I finish filling the tank. Close up the tank and weigh my options. I have a cellphone, but decide that walking the three blocks home and getting the spare key from the office will be faster (and you know, less humiliating) than calling triple A. I do my “don’t be the same guy from last week” “don’t be the same guy from last week” “don’t be the same guy from last week” “don’t be the same guy from last week” “don’t be the same guy from last week” chant as I trudge to my garage. Hooray! Totally new guy! I get the keys…warm up a bit and walk back to the gas station. God it’s cold. Man am I an idiot. Brrr. I am definitely getting a cold. I finally made it back to my car and get inside. I drive home and park. Ok. So, this may be my year, but January is most definitely not my month. I’ll be in bed until February. […]

  5. Clareified » Blog Archive » Picture of the day Says:

    […] I showed Princess Leia this picture […]

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