Where does the good go

Super Duper Lazy Blogging

Dawn: shut it
Ftrain: no YOU shut it
Dawn: no you
Ftrain: no you!
Dawn: you
Ftrain: you!
Dawn: you infinity
Dawn: sasat
Ftrain: you infinity plus inifity
Dawn: hahahahahahaha
Dawn: you can’t do that
Dawn: inifinity is infinite
Dawn: no adding to it
Dawn: assface
Ftrain: listen, just because you’re too dumb to understand how to add inifinity to infinity is not my problem
Ftrain: asshat
Dawn: ahahahahahahahah
Dawn: and just like that, we have the conversation of the day

3 Responses to “Super Duper Lazy Blogging”

  1. DRobbSki Says:


    Serving as the Designated Jew for the holidays so colleagues can get out of town and see their families on Christmas is booorrrrrrinnnnggggggg.

  2. Jake Says:

    Well, if you won’t get 5 hours of sleep, at least try to get 4 hours.

  3. Chilly Says:

    Wow, I want both of you litigating for me!!

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