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One foot in front of the other

Gertie’s got a great post up:

It was dark. It was sketchy. My head imagined a wild-eyed cracked up homeless guy jumping me from the dark bushes along the barely-there sidewalk next to one of the fastest streets in the City. My heart, on the other hand, told me to open all my senses. I took out my camera so I could take pictures of the place where I hear my most favorite sound: the clang of ropes and pulleys on the bare masts of sailboats. The Marina.

Things started to look brighter, not for lack of street lights. I was walking behind a big group by the Gaurdsmen Christmas Tree Lot at Ft. Mason. There were two young girls from the families hanging out together, and it reminded me of being 11 years old and fascinated with just about everything.

With all the delirium, (which has mostly faded now that I’ve figured out the whole no sleeping issue) I’ve also been doing a lot of walking. A few days ago I went from Midtown to Harlem on foot. As much as I hate crowds, I just really took in New York. The decorated windows and the sculptures and lights (and the paramilitary police force which now evidently does crowd control through use of annoying metal gates at every other corner…grrr…hate.) I was struck with the memory of seeing these things as a teenager who came into Manhattan only once in a while. And I couldn’t help but smile to think that what was once larger than life and impressive has now become my everday backdrop.

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  1. Jake Says:

    I am a daily walker and I am happy you are becoming one too. Get yourself one of these at so I will worry less about you. Either that or get a gun.

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