Where does the good go

Ain’t that the truth

Dawn, the hardest thing in this world… is to live in it.

I’m totally gearing up for a massive Buffy marathon…how long do you think it would take to watch all seven seasons in a row…four days? a week?

6 Responses to “Ain’t that the truth”

  1. Gib Says:

    That’s just over 100 hours of TV, + 10 minutes for the overrun on “Once More With Feeling.” You could do it in just over four days if you were really dedicated.

  2. Dawn Summers Says:

    Dang…i wished I’d used the thanksgiving break for it.

  3. Chugarte Says:

    This is sold out. But there are probably tickets on Craigslist. Good luck working until you find them.

  4. Dawn Summers Says:

    F-train went to this and said it wasn’t that great.

  5. Chugarte Says:

    Actually, they may not be sold out. The in-theater flyer said they were but it doesn’t stop you when you click through to buy tix (but I haven’t actually tried to purchase).

  6. Chugarte Says:

    Stupid F-Train. Now you might work.


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