Where does the good go

And just like that, we have a new quote of the day

“What is it with you people? I WILL NOT HAVE SEX WITH YOU ON THE PLANE” – F-train after Karol and I both independently asked him what flight he was taking to Las Vegas.

5 Responses to “And just like that, we have a new quote of the day”

  1. Chugarte Says:

    He was joking. He’ll totally have sex with you on the plane. We already know that he thinks Karol is hot and he told you just to set up the low-self-esteem-driven Mile High experience.

    Pity that the two of you only have eyes for each other.

  2. StB Says:

    Call his bluff!

  3. dawn Says:


    we’d only be hurting ourselves. can’t bluff a calling station.

  4. F-Train Says:

    Now they’ve gone and booked the same hotel as me!

    This must be how Princess Di felt.

  5. Dawn Summers Says:


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