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Conversations of the Day

Gas Company Man: Well, whoever installed this for you didn’t seal the pipes.
Me: Oh my God! I could have been killed!
GCM: Umm…probably not.

Karol: We have a barbecue to go to Saturday…the same barbecue we went to last Saturday.

5 Responses to “Conversations of the Day”

  1. Eric Says:

    Does your contractor know you hang out with Russian gangsters?

  2. Karol Says:


  3. Alceste Says:

    I thought the contractors were Russian gangsters…

  4. Eric Says:

    Not you, silly. I’m just repeating what I read:

    Our driver picked us up for dinner and we headed to the east aide.
    “Dawn…I was reading reviews about this place and they all said it has a strong mob connection,” Jake said cautiously as we pulled up out front, “have you officially gone over to the dark side?”

  5. Karol Says:

    See Alceste comment. :-)

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