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Excuse me while I barf

The facts of the case were never in dispute: Mr. Heidgen, an insurance salesman returning home from a party, was very drunk, his blood-alcohol level three times the legal limit. He was driving the wrong way on a highway when he plowed head-on into the limousine carrying the family of Neil and Jennifer Flynn home from a wedding. He killed the chauffeur, Stanley Rabinowitz, and Katie Flynn, 7.

The girl’s mother used no euphemisms in describing the accident. “As I crawled out of the car, the only thing that was left of Kate was her head,” Mrs. Flynn, 36, said two days after the crash. “And I took her, just like that, and sat on the side of the Meadowbrook and watched at the horrendousness going on around me. I want everybody to know that.”

I went to this article with the intention of posting screed about how prosecutors abuse the charging power. How it doesn’t make sense to charge someone who is legally drunk with murder.

I leave the article with the image of a mother cradling her daughter’s head.

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  1. Ari Says:

    It is SO murder. To inebriate yourself, willingly, to the point of incoherence is not an accident. He didn’t leave the the dentist too soon still all nitrious-ed out with no warning. This jackass drank his face off and then went wild. He should have his head ripped off for what he did. Also – did you not see the dashboard-cam video of him swerving into the limo?!

    Fuck that Fucker.

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