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Yep…that’s pretty much how we determine paternity

Stern said he and Smith are confident he is the father, and “based on when the timing of when the baby was born, there really is no doubt in either of our minds.”

Entertainment reporter and photographer Larry Birkhead also claims to be the father of the girl, named Danilynne Hope.

In an unrelated note…did she always plan to name the girl after her son?

2 Responses to “Yep…that’s pretty much how we determine paternity”

  1. Michael Says:

    Ah, the wit and wisdom of Anna Nicole….

  2. sam Says:

    Who raised her son? Most of the time she was so zonked somebody else had to care for him. Being around a mother who is reknown for her drug/alcohol problems certainly increased his risks for ODing. Too bad. He looked like a nice kid.

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