Where does the good go

It’s like he doesn’t even know me

“I took the under on 7:18 because I thought you guys were social.”
F-train on losing a bet about when Karol and I would show up to the party.

(whoever took 11:45 won.)

6 Responses to “It’s like he doesn’t even know me”

  1. Gib Says:

    I knew there was a reason my wife liked you guys…

  2. Alceste Says:

    Were you at least sleeping off a trip to the air conditioned city, or were you just being anti-social?

  3. Karol Says:

    Ummmmm…..replace “at least sleeping off” with “on”.

  4. David Says:

    F-train posted some pics of you on his Bash photostream at Flickr.

  5. dawn summmers Says:

    Were they hott?

  6. David Says:

    They were fabolous! Y’all looked like you were having a good time.

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