Where does the good go


Steve Irwin killed in animal attack.

“He and the underwater cameraman went out to do some pieces on the reef and coral and stuff good for the kids’ show and, unfortunately, he came out over the top of a stingray that was buried in the sand and the barb went up and hit him in the chest.”

Rescuers put Irwin aboard his research vessel, Croc 1, and attempted to resuscitate him during the 30-minute dash to nearby Lowe Isle, where a medical helicopter was available to take him to a hospital, but the effort proved futile.

The barb had pierced his chest, hospital sources said. News reports say he went into cardiac arrest after he was stung. His body was flown to the city of Cairns.

Dawn Summers resists the impulse to shake her head knowingly and say ‘I told you animals were evil and are only trying to kill us.’

5 Responses to “CRIKEY”

  1. Jake Says:

    I was in Mexico snorkeling and came upon a group of stingray type creatures. I got the hell out of there. The group leader said those creatures won’t hurt you-they are harmless.

    Hah. I doubt that group leader is still alive.

  2. Karol Says:

    “Hah. I doubt that group leader is still alive. ”


  3. Dawn Summers Says:

    Hah. I doubt that group leader is still alive.
    hahahahahahahahaha… a stingray totally tried to kill me when i was swimming off the shore of Negril, jamaica. I too got the hell outta there and ran all the way back to the villa.

  4. Consigliere Says:

    “and ran all the way back to the villa.”

    Yes, because one never knows if the stingray has secretly evolved feet to chase its human prey.

  5. Dawn Summers Says:

    Yes, that was my thinking exactly.

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