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Live-blogging the Emmys

Sunday, August 27th, 2006 by Dawn Summers

8:20 Oh, crap…the Emmys!

First you get that blog fame, then you get the blog money!

Friday, August 25th, 2006 by Dawn Summers

Who was that gorgeous blog featured on tonight’s “Real Politics” show on RNN?
Oh, was it me?
Yes, yes it was!

I also managed my first Politicker link! Thanks to Azi and his kooky friend Karol.

I can’t wait to see what Perez Hilton writes about me tomorrow.

You know who’s not in Mensa?

Friday, August 25th, 2006 by Dawn Summers

The NBC executive who decided to move Ellen into the Oprah timeslot.

HAHAHHAHAHAHA. What’s the over/under on when people will be saying “hmmm…I thought Ellen had a talk show…wonder what happened to it?”

Heeey! It’s John Ashcroft’s America!!

Friday, August 25th, 2006 by Dawn Summers

For several years, Javed Iqbal has operated a small company from a Brooklyn storefront and out of the garage at his Staten Island home that provides satellite programming for households, including sermons from Christian evangelists seeking worldwide exposure.

But this week, the budding entrepreneur’s house and storefront were raided by federal agents, and Mr. Iqbal was charged with providing customers services that included satellite broadcasts of a television station controlled by Hezbollah — a violation of federal law.

Yesterday, Mr. Iqbal was arraigned in Federal District Court in Manhattan and was ordered held in $250,000 bail. The Hezbollah station, Al Manar — or “the beacon” in Arabic — was designated a global terrorist entity by the United States Treasury Department in March of this year.

Is it a violation of federal law to watch Al Jazeera or read Iraqi newspapers, too?

That’s not all…

Another spokesman for Mr. Iqbal called the government’s charges ridiculous. “It’s like the government of Iran saying we’re going to ban The New York Times because we think of it as a terrorist outfit,” the spokesman, Farhan Memon, said before the hearing. “Or China trying to ban CNN.”

Civil libertarians also expressed alarm.

“It appears that the statute under which Mr. Iqbal is being prosecuted includes a First Amendment exemption that prevents the government from punishing people for importing news communications,” Donna Lieberman, executive director of the New York Civil Liberties Union, said in a statement. “Such an exemption is constitutionally necessary, and the fact that the government is proceeding with the prosecution in spite of it raises serious questions about how free our marketplace of idea is.”

Oh JAA, how I’ve missed you.

Why is Nagin such a moron?

Friday, August 25th, 2006 by Dawn Summers

During the CBS “60 minutes” interview, a correspondent pointed out flood-damaged cars still on the streets of New Orleans’ devastated Ninth Ward. Nagin replied, “You guys in New York can’t get a hole in the ground fixed, and it’s five years later. So let’s be fair,” according to CBS.


Fight for Brooklyn’s Congressional 11th

Friday, August 25th, 2006 by Dawn Summers

The good news is I was born and raised in Brooklyn’s 11th district.
That the incumbent Congressman Owens, the only congressman I have ever known (DeLauro was a congresswoman, after all), was retiring and the race to replace him had turned into the most contentious and controversial Congressional campaign was pleasing. Good, it’s about time somebody was fighting to represent the ECB. I didn’t know who I would vote for, but since I was moving it didn’t much matter.
Bad news is, it turns out, move or no move — I still live in Brooklyn’s 11th.
Seriously, I’ve looked at the map of this district it spans like seventy blocks in either direction, people!
In fact, wherever you may be reading this post from, might also be in Brooklyn’s 11th. So, listen up.
The dirty facts are these: Major Owens has represented this district since time immemorial.
(Ever watch the Cosby Show? Elvin is his son.)
Well, no surprise, his other son has stepped up to replace the dad.
Not so fast.
A long time member of the Brooklyn Democratic party scene, Carl Andrews was all “hold up, it’s my turn!”
“I’ve represented the people of Brooklyn for twenty odd years, you’re not just going to waltz in and take your dad’s seat.”
What’s that voice out there?
Oh helloooo, Yvette “did I say college graduate?” Clark.
She’s all “Ok, I know I lost two years ago against Major Owens, but I think I can do it this time.” (Note too that Yvette took over her mom’s seat on the city council after her mom decided to take on Major Owens in 2000. That Clark also lost.)
So there you have it, another Owens, another Clark and the mainstay Andrews battling it out for the one chance to represent me and mine in Washington.
Let’s get ready…
What’s that? Who moved where now?
“Hi, David Yassky, nice to meet you. I just bought the house next door.”
Indeed, Mr. Yassky represents the good people of Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill and some schmancy ass place called DUMBO. In order, a place once described as filled with the “most white people I’ve ever seen in my life,” “off-whiteyville” and well…dude who else would live in a place called DUMBO but misguided hipsters?
Oh, did I forget to mention that Yassky was white.
Cause if I did, I’m the only one. No article about Yassky gets much past his first name before saying “only white candidate.”
So, this is a head scratcher.
No love for the ECB, and now we’ve got more candidates than we know what to do with.
Well, my mom knows what to do with them.
A couple of weeks ago, she went down to the Social Security office to get her papers in order for retirement.
She had called ahead and found out all the proofs of identification she would need.
She brought that with her and was met with a detached, preoccupied federal employee.
“That’s not enough, we need your original birth certificate,” so-about-to-be-sorry-federal-employee tells my mom.
She tries to explain that she called ahead and had brought all the papers she was told to bring by the person on the phone.
“Well, I don’t care what they told you on the phone, I’m telling you, you need to bring the original birth certificate,” she said between smacks of bubblegum and taking personal calls on her cell phone.
Oooh, how sorry is this woman about to be?
Let’s see.
My mom leaves the SS office and goes home.
She calls her congressman’s office.
She explains the situation.
They tell her there’s nothing they can do.
“Nothing you can do? There’d better be something you can do. There is an election coming up and if this is how you treat constituents, you can bet I have voted for my last Owens. In fact, I’m voting for the white guy.”
Yassky, mom. His name is Yassky. Then you can say the white guy.
Well, one hour later, a representative from Congressman Owens’ office was at the SS office, with mom straightening out the whole mess.
In the end, bubble gum chewing woman, who my mom made certain to point out how rude it was of her to be smacking gum during their conversation (She tells me the same thing all the time.), was asked to shut off her computer for the day and “bring her things,” to the supervisor’s office.
Since then, my mom has cornered Chris Owens about his plans for the ECB youth, (a disappointing “my kids go to public school” was his response) and “the white guy” on “what he plans to do for the seniors” (she liked his answer, but I don’t remember what it was.)
But since my mother now votes for crazy Republicans, I figured it was time for me to make my own decisions.
Enter the NY1 debate.
I have to say I was very impressed with Chris Owens.
He’s much older and distinguished than I thought. And he’s an Old LLP alum.
He is against the new Nets stadium and the move to kick a hundred thousand people out of their neighborhood by virtue of eminent domain.
I agree with him, although I do think it’s more of a state issue than a federal one.
Yvette Clark is not even a consideration. She wanted her mom’s council seat. She got her mom’s council seat. She can stay in her mom’s council seat.
And this latest revelation that she didn’t get her fricking undergraduate degree clinches it for me.
Despite what Ken says, my congressperson is going to have a college degree. In Greenwich they have college degreed congressmen, the ECB will have no less.
What do you think this is?
Carl Andrews…
Now, if ever there was a man that has paid his dues and followed the party line…tis he. Unfortunately that party line that he towed was written by the multi-indicted Clarence Norman. I know it’s probably unfair to judge a man by his friends, but…
I don’t know. I guess I’d just rather my congressmen not come pre-corrupted. He should take the bribes and get indicted after a couple sessions, like the rest of the districts get.
And then there’s the white guy. I mean Yassky.
First off, if you see Al Sharpton can you please tell him that “Yassky is white,” is not an argument. Oh, and tell him that if I hear him utter the words “you wouldn’t want a black person to move into a white district and run,” he’ll be getting a strongly worded kick to the junk. (After all, my whole Summers 2020 presidential bid starts with winning the Wyoming House seat.)
So, my issue with Yassky isn’t that he’s white. Who cares.
My issue with Yassky is simple. Would he have moved to the ECB or whereever in Brooklyn’s 11th that he lives, if Major Owens wasn’t retiring?
If so, why didn’t he move sooner?
Why doesn’t he represent my neighborhood on the city council?
Now, before anyone asks whether I voted for Hillary Clinton in 2000, I’ll say upfront that I did.
However, the situation is completely different.
And hinges on one question: do I believe that Hillary Clinton would have moved to New York if there was no Senate seat available.
And I do.
(Now, whether they would have moved to Chappaqua…)
I’m fairly certain that whoever wins the seat will move to D.C. and will only be heard from every two years. With that in mind, it’d give me comfort that they had some background and time in the area. That they known the historical Congressional 11th, not just the utopic 11th that the gentrifiers have wrought. And don’t get me wrong, I’m all for gentrification — bring it on. But bring it in context without removing the people that were there before.
I really shouldn’t have more history with the district than my congressman. Otherwise, I should be the congressman…hmmm…how long till the primary?

Please, please be my U.S. congressperson

Thursday, August 24th, 2006 by Dawn Summers

Last night, Clarke said, “I spent much of the day today in contact with Oberlin College and Medgar Evers College to retrieve my academic records from two decades ago, convinced of my recollection that I had fulfilled the requirements for a bachelor’s degree.

“Contrary to that recollection, I have now discovered that I remain two classes short of the requirements for my degree.”

Pretty, pretty please??? Doof.

My new Plan A!

Thursday, August 24th, 2006 by Dawn Summers

A Long Island mom blew up to $6,000 a day on lottery tickets – an out-of-control addiction she fueled by embezzling $2.3 million from her bosses, authorities said yesterday.
By day, Annie Donnelly, 38, a bookkeeper and mother of three from Farmingville, wrote checks to herself and for cash at her medical office job.

By night, she would buy huge strips of $10 and $20 scratch-off tickets and thousands of dollars in lottery tickets on her way home – usually stopping at the same shop.

Rolls and rolls of scratch off tickets!

Quote of the Day

Thursday, August 24th, 2006 by Dawn Summers

“Uh…I dated into this group.” – Alceste desperately trying to distance himself from any and all association with my law school crew.

This was then followed by F-train and I fighting over who met Alceste first.


I thought he didn’t do anything wrong…

Thursday, August 24th, 2006 by Dawn Summers

“Senator Allen made a heartfelt apology,” Wadhams said. “He told Sidarth he thought he would see him on the campaign trail, but Sidarth had headed back to U.Va., so we Googled his name, found his number and the senator called him this morning.”